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T-ara’s Seoyeon car accident a lie

Complete details and evidences under the cut.

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"Innocent until proven guilty"

To state the above is ignorant. The evidences we have now is all that we will get. To say that we must wait for the “truth” is ignorance to the issue at hand. What CCM claims now is the “truth”. The question is, do you believe it? And if you don’t, what else could the “truth” be?

Look at the evidences we have now. That’s all we have and that’s all we will be getting. This isn’t a group of perfect angels who wouldn’t harm a hair on Hwayoung’s body. Bullying is bullying, and you can never justify bullying. Whether physical, mental or over the internet: If you’re a bully, you’re a bully. Period.

The complete and full explanation of T-Ara’s controversy.

This post contains every single nook and cranny that contributes to this huge controversy. The evidence here is overwhelming, and even I find it funny how one of T-ara’s fansites has even become a site “asking for the truth”.

After seeing this, you will never see T-ara the same way again.

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